Falkon Globus Trading Limited

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My name is KC Cheung and I am working in the mining division of Falkon Globus Trading Ltd. Our company has just recently been setting our foot in Hong Kong where not only providing a bridge to the China market, the biggest mining market, but also facilitating our development on our mining business with enhancing cooperation from the business partners.

Let me briefly introduce our company. Our headquarter is in the Netherland named Bros Corp, has acquired and owned 27 ferrous and nonferrous m...

          • Company Name:
          • Falkon Globus Trading Limited
          • Business Type:
          • Main Products:
          • Below is our regular metal ores and minerals we can supply in an on-going basis. Copper Gold Lead Zinc Iron Manganese Pyrite Tantalite Aluminium
          • Address:
          • Level 13, 68 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay
          • Post Code:
          • hong kong
          • Contact Person:
          • KC Cheung
          • Department:
          • Mining specialist
          • Mobile Phone:
          • Tel:
          • 852 6332 8156
          • Fax:
          • 852 3796 5664
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